Why Our People are the Recipe for our Success

There is an extraordinary combination of unique and compatible strengths among the Ag Guard management team. Our leaders have shared values and a common skill for creating innovative solutions for complex problems that are customer-focused and delivered with unquestioned integrity. When we reorganized our management team in 2013, the stated goal was to get "rock stars" on the team – and we did. We added some of the most recognized experts in their field and made them owners to ensure we fully harnessed their talent.


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Director of Operation (Founder / CEO)

Director of Claims and Reliability Analysis


Director of Sales & Marketing


Director of Internal Audit and Feedback

Product Support Manager

Mr. Denholm is a self-proclaimed tractor geek. Growing up on a farm near Tonganoxie, Kansas (about 30 minutes west of Kansas City), Gregg took an early interest in farm machinery. Taking hay balers apart to understand how they operated and rebuilding them to work more efficiently, he developed a life-long fascination. He attended Kansas State University to study engineering and farm machinery. He started his career at the Hesston Corporation in crop testing and product reliability, where he helped create some of the company's most innovative haying equipment. From there, he went on to Doan Farm Management and began transferring his efficiency and innovation skills from machines to the overall management of the farm. This move to management eventually led to banking, but Gregg has never lost his love of farming and his encyclopedic knowledge of farm machinery. In 1992, he launched Ag Guard as the first third-party provider of extended service contracts for the agricultural industry. He realized, as the cost and complexity of farm equipment increased, farmers needed greater risk protection. At Ag Guard, Gregg's primary responsibilities are product innovation, problem resolution, and keeping us close to our roots to protect farmers from risk.

Since its inception, Ag Guard has relied on Adrian's advice as our go-to guy in the industry for information on product reliability and technical services.

During his 30+ year career with Massey Ferguson and AGCO, he wrote the book on reliability and managed many of the industry's most innovative technological developments. He led the design, development, and global implementation team for AGCO "Source" (a contact and knowledge management system designed to document technical issues and share resolutions globally with technical service departments and dealers) and "EDT" (a common platform for diagnostic programs with auto-update features, giving dealers one tool to perform diagnostics on all AGCO Equipment globally.)

Mr. Powell is a graduate of Hereford College of Technologies with a B Sc, in Agricultural Mechanization & Engineering.

Adrian joined our management team in 2013. Leveraging his vast industry experience, he ensures that our claims are processed with a thorough understanding of the product. His claims team knows how the machines are manufactured, why parts fail, and the most cost-effective way to make repairs. As a result, he manages a fair process that is geared towards paying claims quickly and efficiently. His team adds value to the claims service by providing dealers with expert service advice.

Mr. Lee is an experienced business leader with over 30-years of experience in risk management, banking, and public finance. He was a two-time winner of Wells Fargo's Management Excellence Award, highlighting his passion for innovation and efficiency. He is best known for his integrity and putting the client at the center of everything he does.

Dane is a graduate of the University of Kansas and attended business school at Baker University with published research concerning environmental liability for corporate trustees. He is also President of Wild Jay, Inc., the entity that guarantees Ag Guard's extended service contracts.

At Ag Guard, he is responsible for the company's administrative affairs, acting as a liaison between Wild Jay and our different functions (i.e., relationship management, sales, claims, service, and information technology).

Mr. Schaible is a well-known figure in the agricultural machinery industry for both his knowledge and integrity. He is the former President of Soo Tractor, a company that provided contract manufacturing to original equipment manufacturers, where he was responsible for transforming the company and significantly growing its capacity before retiring in 2012. Prior to joining Soo Tractor, Dexter was a senior executive at AGCO responsible for numerous divisions in the USA and abroad. He has a comprehensive understanding of the products we cover, from how they were developed and engineered to how they are used.

Dexter is a graduate of Kansas State University. Because of his deep experience in manufacturing, he can empathize with the needs of our dealers and manufacturing partners and provide them with innovative solutions to best meet the needs of their customers.

For years, Mike was our dealer's go-to source for information and help with pricing and service. Mike grew-up on a farm and still lives in the country. He has spent his entire life working in various aspects of the agricultural industry (dairy, row-crop farming, farm real estate, and ag-banking). He began providing relationship support in 2005 and has now transitioned to an advocacy role. He was always the opposite of the prototypical salesman. He is a no-nonsense, straight-shooting fellow who is always the loudest advocate for our customer's needs. He understands the perspective of our clients and makes sure we always provide a level of service and empathy that can't be duplicated by any call center. His word is his bond and he is exactly the kind of face Ag Guard always wants on our products and services.

Much of Ag Guard's success stems from its singular focus on the agricultural industry, so we employ individuals who are subject matter experts in various aspects of the industry. Mr. Folsom is a great example. He has spent his entire career in multiple facets of agriculture: cattle, farming, commodities, and most recently, pharmaceuticals. His broad experience and success in so many different aspects of the industry helps us stay in tune with our unique and demanding market. His business acumen also helps us keep our pencils sharp and our priorities focused on how best to model products and services to meet the needs of our clients.

Robbie has been in the agricultural equipment industry for over 30 years. He started his career working for the Gleaner combine division at Deutz-Allis. From there, he moved into product support roles at AGCO and MacDon, where he earned a stellar reputation across North America for trusted relationships and diligent customer advocacy.

We created the Product Support Manager position for Robbie in 2021 to enhance our focus on customer needs. Robbie provides us with a wealth of technical knowledge and operational expertise. He manages day-to-day customer support activity and serves as a liaison between operations, the claims department, and our relationship team. To accomplish this, he is frequently in the field, working directly with users improving our products to enhance their profitability and the quality of service they provide.

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