Experience with Integrity

Our team's depth and breadth of knowledge gives us a distinct advantage. Our goal when we assembled our management team was to get "rock stars" in the industry with stellar credentials and impeccable integrity. We succeeded.

Our founder, Gregg Denholm literally invented 3rd party extended coverage on Ag equipment and our Director of Sales and Marketing, Dexter Schaible, is known throughout the industry for his product knowledge and integrity. Adrian Powell, who leads our claims department, is recognized as one of the top people in Ag Equipment service and reliability. Dane Lee's entire career in risk management has been based on integrity and customer-focused processes.

We are also good with numbers. Our sophisticated, three-dimensional approach to pricing is based on our extensive claims history and Ag equipment knowledge; this allows us to develop pricing based on our actual risk instead of just charging "what the market will bear". That means our pricing is fair to everyone involved; supporting greater success for the dealer, the farmer and us.